20 sept | Kl 1730-2030 | Entrepreneurship Seminar

For students at university and new and existing entrepreneurs in the Narvik region.

30.05.201811:15 hilde

The seminar is free of charge.

Time/location: 20. september 1730-2030 (Kongens gt. 51 - first floor).

For students 
Have you ever thought about where will you work after taking your degree? Did you ever think about starting your own business? During this seminar you will find out about what is the role of academics as entrepreneurs, where to acquire the skills you need to start an enterprise and who could help you starting your own business. 

For new and existing entrepreneurs  
Productive entrepreneurship is crucial to local economic growth, employment creation and innovation. Entrepreneurial activity creates jobs, drives efficient resource use and accelerates the process of generating, diffusing and applying innovative ideas and concepts. 


  • Turning research into real business –  by Biim Ultrasound 
  • Courses at UiT that are relevant for entrepreneurship – by UiT Narvik 

Presentation from Forskningsparken Narvik

  • Start up
  • Job incubator
  • Financial support to new entrepreneurs
  • European policies for the promotion of entrepreneurship
  • The European programmes funding the promotion of entrepreneurship

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